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    The Roberts family connect with our Jamaica Maitlands via Ann Wright, wife of Francis 1 Maitland, whose sister married George Roberts, a partner of Francis's in Mitcham and Sliver Grove. The latter pen went to the Roberts family and is lived in by descendants of theirs in 2002. The Roberts family are reputed to have come from Keynsham, Bristol: was this the reason for being in Bristol, or was it merely for transport?
    This information is included for general background of our family. They were for a period in London in the same parish as Ann (Wright) Maitland about the time she died. George was probably in London during 1817 as his slave returns were registered by Francis Maitland as attorney for him.

A brief tree for ease of understanding:

George Roberts

Married. Rebecca Wright, 2/11/1816, London.

Note the Angell/Wint connection: Andrew Wright, (father of Rebecca Wright, married to George Roberts) married the widow of John Pusey Wint.

From: 3/2004: Donna Kenny

Other than George's marriages and the birth of his children we know nothing of him. No death recorded for him in the family bible. Yet most of  the information on his children is listed there. I wonder if he died in England ? no will in Jamaica for him either.
George Roberts was my ggg grandfather and I am descended through his second wife RUTH ANGELL.  Her father was John Angell and her mother Mary Wint.

Issue of George & Rebecca (Wright) Roberts:
1/1. Edward Maitland Roberts  b Giddy Hall 15 Aug 1817  bapt

St Giles, Camberwell 28 Aug 1818.  Died Silvergrove 12 April 1888

1/2. William Allen Roberts  b Cobury Rd, London 23 Nov 1818 

bapt St Giles, Camberwell 20 Dec 1818.  Married Mary Carter of Trelawny Ja, 17 Feb 1843


Mon, 8 Jan 2007  Dorothy Thompson
I am Dorothy (Roberts/Henwood)Thompson and was the last remaining family member (Roberts) to be born at Chewmagna in Balaclava, my sister, Betty (Henwood/Roberts) Smallridge, was the next to last birth at Chewmagna.  There are five of us, my siblings were born in Kingston, Jamaica, and Mandeville, Jamaica.  We are descendants of William Alan Roberts.  Our mother was a Roberts.

My husband (Bruce Thompson) is our family genealogist and has been collecting information on the family for years, so if there is anything we can add to your tree, please let us know and he will send it to you.  Interestingly enough, I noticed that you had been in Johannesburg -- our father (Charles Frederick Henwood) lived there for awhile (he was an engineer).  His home had been Worthing (and Brighton), England, before moving to Jamaica.

I will save my questions, until I know this reaches you.  But, would love to hear from you when you have a moment.  Just for the record, we have two children, Mark (with girlfriend for 7 years) has just completed a Medical degree and is in the process of looking for a residency he is 39 and has had a very interesting life as a deep sea diver and teacher, and managing a diving firm in the Turks & Caicos Islands, W.I.  You name it, he has done it!!  Our daughter graduated with a Masters degree in Sociology --she is now 35, and has our 3 grandchildren, she still works for the state of Ohio part-time (busy life, three children, youngest is 2.1/2).

1/3. **Rebecca Roberts  b Alverstoke, Hants. 13 July 1820, 

bapt Alverstoke, Hampshire 26 Aug 1820 (her father listed as a 'gentleman') died Silvergrove, buried St Pauls (Balaclava Ja) 29 April 1852. Married Edward Angell Esq. Silvergrove 19 Feb 1844
** Baptized on the same day as Rebecca were 2 children belonging to William and Ann Roberts, he was listed as 'a Captain in the Royal Navy' I wonder if he was a brother of George?

1/4. Georgeanna Roberts b Silvergrove 8 April 1822, bapt St Mark, Kennington,

Ldn 6 July 1827 (her father listed as 'merchant') (Note by AM: Ann (Wright) Maitland's ygst son bapt at St Mark 1825 and she died in Lambeth in 1833).

1/5. George Roberts b 1824-1825

George Robert snr married 2nd:
27 Jan 1830  at Lookout, near St Pauls, Balaclava.

Ruth Angell.

Parents: John Angell

Jam PR: Manchester V1/311: George Roberts of the parish of Manchester, Gent, and Ruth Angell of St Elizabeth, spinster, a person of colour, were married by licence 27/1/1830.

New Hall, Cowick Park all properties listed in Ruth (Angell) Roberts will.
In 1833, all belonged  to Mary Wint.
The McDaniels lived at "Mt Pleasant", St Elizabeth.  The Hendriks at "Ivy Cottage" near Lookout.

Issue of George & Ruth (Angell) Roberts:
All children bapt 1840 Lookout.
1/6. Ruth Francis Roberts b Lookout 30 Oct 1830

Married Robert McDaniel
2/1. Thomas McDaniel, M. Emma Clotilda Burrell

3/1. Robert Vernon McDaniel married Vera Sybil Burrell

4/1. Vera Olive McDaniel married Donald Spence Campbell

5/1. Donna Rose Campbell

1/7. Mary Ann Roberts b Lookout 29 Jan 1832
1/8. John Angell Roberts b Silvergrove 9 May 1833

2/1. Married Eleanor Lind

3/1. Adolphus Roberts, born at Lookout, near Balaclava.

4/1. Walter Adolphe Roberts (1886-1962)

WAR became a significant writer and a political figure who was prominently involved in the fight for Jamaican independence.

1/9. Elizabeth Hester Roberts b Lookout 21 Jan 1834
1/10. girl   b Lookout Nov 1835- Dec 2
1/11. Emma Victoria Roberts b 9 June 1837

Married Frederick Hendriks.


died circa Nov 1793-Mar 1794.  His 'common law wife' was


Mother probably Ruth Anderson, will of 1834
A Mary Wint b 17/7/1766, ch 29/12/1768 Clarendon of Samuel Wint & Ruth Anderson. This would make Ruth Anderson old at death.
See Wright File for more on the Wint family.

Issue of John Angell & Mary Wint:
1/1. Ann Angell, b 1789,
1/2. John Angell, b 14 Sept 1791
1/3. Ruth Angell, b 13 Oct 1792

He left each child 1000 English pounds sterling.

John Angell died circa 1793 and
Mary Wint and John Racker Webb had issue (reputed children):
1/1. Thomas Webb, b 4/6/1798, ch 7/9/1800.
1/2. Mary Webb b. 28/11/1799, ch 7/9/1800
1/3. Elizabeth Webb, b. 17/2/1802, ch 13/12/1803
1/4. John Racker Webb, b 30/8/03, ch 13/12/1803
1/5. Hester Webb, b 24/9/1804, ch 14/1/1810


From Donna Kenny:
Ann Webb, reputed dau of John Racker Webb by Jane Webb (free negro), b 29/9/1788, ch 13/12/1803. Jane Webb was probably an adult negro baptised 1/1/1797 aged 35.

He was proprietor of 'Lookout' from 1821-26, and in 1827 Mary Wint became 'Lookout's' proprietor and it remained in the family until the 1960s.
In 1810 John Racker Webb sold Mary Wint 433 acres of land in St Eliz for 10/-Jamaican - I would say that was a gift? Triangular in shape one boundary was on 'Ever Green Plantation' owned by Andrew White (probably yours). So the evidence points to me having the correct Mary Wint, but why not mention your other children in your will.
The Webb children were all adults when their father (JRW) died and perhaps he left everything in his will to them and nothing to Mary. Maybe she felt her 2 daughters should get what she owned.
John Racker Webb died February 1830.

Land Grants:
Edward M Angell granted 300 acres in St Elizabeth 11/2/1806.
Benjamin Angell granted 300 acres in Manchester, 26/1/1819.


Dictionary of Place-Names in Jamaica (extracts) Inez Knibb Sibley (Institute of Jamaica 1978).
Chew Magna, in St Elizabeth, near Balaclava, was named by the Roberts Family after the place in Keynsham, England from which they came.
Fort William near Savannah la Mar, was part of an estate owned by William Beckford, an early English settler, and named after him.
Morningside is in St Elizabeth. The place name originates in Edinburgh, Scotland. Many Scotsmen were early settlers in St Elizabeth.

John Maitland, son of Francis & Ann (Wright) Maitland, nephew of Rebecca (Wright) Roberts, died in Brixton, 1853: the informant at his death was George Roberts of 12 York Place, Camberwell New Road, Lambeth. The Census record for this family does not look as though they were connected with the Jamaica Roberts:

1851 Census, 12 York Place:
Edward Roberts (Hd, Wid, 63 Accountant, born London), George (son, 30, Clerk to Accountant, Lambeth), Sarah (dau, 36, at home, Clerkenwell), Elizabeth (dau, 28, Lambeth), Maria (d-in-law, 35, Canterbury), William (g/child, 8, Lambeth), Alfred (g/child, 4, Lambeth).

Lookout was sold in the 1950/60's after being in the family for nearly 200 years. We are told the timber for the mahogany arches in the house was sent to England where the carved arches were made, then shipped back to Jamaica and put in the house.  In 1986 when visiting Jamaica I saw the house, it had been renovated by the latest owner but he was not at home so we were unable to go inside.

Ruth Francis Roberts married Robert McDaniel - that's my grandfathers side.

Emma Victoria Roberts married Frederick Hendriks - my grandmothers side. Small Island, they didn't look far to find a partner!

My ancestors.
My Grandfather's side.
Robert McDaniel b cir 1784 Fermanugh Ireland?  of Mt Pleasant, St Elizabeth married 24 Jun 1840 (after all his children were born) Ellen/Elenor Blair b cir 1793 - 2 Jun 1878
10 children, son Robert McDaniel b circa 1823  Mt Pleasant, St Elizabeth married  8 Nov 1855
Ruth Frances Roberts 30 Oct 1830 - 7 Sept 1877  (daug **of George Roberts and Ruth nee Angell).
7 children, son Thomas McDaniel 13 Nov 1856 - 11 Mar 1911 married 21 Jun 1879 Emma Clotilda Burrell  1 May 1850 - 11 Jul 1930.
9 children, son Robert Vernon McDaniel  6 Mar 1886 - 3 Oct 1959 married Vera Sybil Burrell 4 May 1898 - 19 Sept 1977
daug Vera Olive McDaniel married Donald Spence Campbell
daug  Donna Rose Campbell (me).
My Grandmother's side.
Thomas Burrell cir 1803 - 22 April 1858 married  25 June 1844 Kathleen Vernon ( of the city of London)  that's all we know of her 7 children including Emma Clotilda Burrell listed above.

Her brother Peter William Burrell  30 Mar 1847 - 20 Jan 1914 married Eveline Maud Hendriks  b Lookout 17 Jan 1863 - 20 Jun 1960   (daug of Frederick Hendriks 6 Aug 1834 - 4 Dec 1917, and **Emma Victoria Roberts  b 9 Jun 1837 - 20 Apr 1924)

14 children including daug. Vera Sybil Burrell.

I have printed the family tree which has every descendant that I can find. They all lived mainly in Manchester and St Elizabeth.

My grandparents Robert Vernon McDaniel and Vera Sybil Burrell were first cousins, not only that but her sister Dora married his brother Leo. So it was 2 brothers marrying 2 sisters and they were first cousins! Very complicated to print out the family tree.

The wills that I would dearly love to find if they exist are for

Have no idea when he was born. First married 1816. His last child born June 1837. His second wife Ruth (Angell) was a widow when she made her will in 1862.

He might mention his children in his will, they are.
Edward Maitland Roberts
William Allen Roberts
Rebecca Roberts (married Edward Angell)
Georgeanna Roberts married??.

Children of second marriage: 
Ruth Francis (Roberts) McDaniel
Mary Ann (Roberts) Doran
John Angell Roberts
Elizabeth Hester (Roberts) McDaniel
Emma Victoria (Roberts) Hendriks

2.  The will for WILLIAM GUNTER.  born cir 1789 London.
Died:  Kingston, Jamaica July 1858. His address then was PECK & NORTH STREET.
MARY MORRISON  was the mother of his children:

There could have been more children to other women.

William was the son of JAMES GUNTER and wife LUCY GABRIEL, confectioners of 31 NEW BOND STREET, LONDON.  They had 4 children,

JAS GUNTER, THOMAS GUNTER, LUCY GUNTER and William who went to the West Indies.

William is a descendant of the Gunters of Abergavenny, Wales. I have his family tree which dates back to 1088. The details of his family was published in 1900 in a book called the "Abergavenny Hundred".  I have tried to trace all his descendants in Jamaica.

A Mr Edwards of Abergavenny another Gunter descendant, sent me a copy of the Welsh family tree which we in Jamaica already had. I sent him a copy of the Jamaican side and he donated it to the Abergavenny Museum who have a file on the Gunters.

I have looked at Spanish Town, Ja  for wills belonging to George Roberts and William Gunter but could not find one.  Yet both had property in Jamaica, had been fairly wealthy men, with children, I would have expected to find one.  That's why I think they may have been made in England. Some of the Gunter children went to reside in England, some were educated there.

So I would be grateful for any assistance you can offer. I have the book "Placenames in Jamaica", but have you ever seen how many George Roberts are on the IGI?  Plus not knowing anything other that his name makes him impossible to trace.

I must congratulate you on your web site it was very interesting to read.
Sincerely, Donna

John Reantus Angell

12/1/1793, Gazette:
On Sunday last, at Goshen, St. Elizabeth, universally regretted by all her acquaintance, Mrs. Prudence Angell, wife of Mr. Peter Angell; “dutiful and affectionate wife, a fond endearing mother, and a sincere friend.”

John Renatus Angell was born on the Isle of Wight 12 August 1748 and went out to Jamaica as a Moravian brethren. He was brother to my direct ancestor Peter Renatus Angell, also in Jamaica. John's will is on my file and he is the direct ancestor of a friend in Australia who has done a lot of research on her line.
Do get in touch if this is of interest. Gillian

Date: 05 Nov 2006 18:45:22 +0000
From: "gillian s hawley"

The death notice of 21.1.1793 is for my 5x g grandmother, Mary Prudence Angell, (nee Rhodes) who died while John Renatus Angell, her husband, was working for the Moravians in Jamaica. (see note below)

Did this notice have any recorded connection with Ruth Angell as far as you know, or was it a chance contribution?! I have the Angell family history from 1675 when the family was in the Isle of Wight.

John Reantus (reborn) Angell joined the Moravians aged 13 in Bedford and was sent to Holland by them to learn cabinet making. I assume that he was in Goshen to build churches but don't really know anything about his time there. He was based in the Moravian settlement at Fulneck, Pudsey, Yorks, and his children were sent back there to get an education.

Benjamin Frederick, one of their sons, was born in Jamaica, 29.11.1781 and sent back to school 22.7.1787 but we have no record of his death and I have been trying to use the Kingston Registry Office for three years but have had no response in spite of paying the fee for one hour's research.....   His sister Mary Prudence Angell, born in Jamaica 7.9.1785, stayed in England, in poor health, and died at Fulneck 10.3.1804 where she had been teaching.

I would be really delighted to hear if you have any information about Ruth Angell's family which would confirm whether or not there is any chance of a connection with our Angells.

20 Nov 2006 19:44:30 +0000
Many thanks.   Entirely my error, as usual!   Peter's son, John, is the one I am descended from. I will get in touch with Donna Kenny and see if this can go any further. Gillian

Slave Compensation


George Roberts

Jamaica St Elizabeth 764 (Mitcham) £1222 7S 0D [66 Enslaved]
Awarded the compensation for Silver Grove in Manchester after claiming as guardian to 'Edward Maitland, Wm Allen, Rebecca, Georgiana Roberts' (apparently his own children), and for Mitcham in St Elizabeth as executor of Ann Maitland (née Wright).
Edward Maitland Roberts, son of George and Rebecca Roberts, was baptised 28/08/1818 at St Giles Camberwell;  a note on the register says 'born in Jamaica Aug. 15 1817.'    Another son, William Allen Roberts, was baptised at St Giles Camberwell in December 1818 having been born in London the previous month. No further trace of George Roberts in Britain has yet been found.
T71/860 Manchester nos. 224-7; T71/870 St Elizabeth no. 764., London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906 [database online]. There is genealogical material relating to the family online at [accessed 03/10/2012].

Associated Claims (5)
Jamaica Manchester 224 (Silver Grove)£1,271 5S 11D Awardee (Guardian)
Jamaica Manchester 225£39 8S 5D Awardee
Jamaica Manchester 226£39 8S 5D Awardee
Jamaica Manchester 227£26 12S 2D Awardee
Jamaica St Elizabeth 764 (Mitcham)£1,222 7S 0D Awardee (Executor or executrix)



Edward Maitland Roberts

BENEFICIARY Jamaica Manchester 224 (Silver Grove) £1271 5S 11D [68 Enslaved]

George Roberts

AWARDEE [GUARDIAN] Jamaica Manchester 224 (Silver Grove) £1271 5S 11D [68 Enslaved]
AWARDEE Jamaica Manchester 225 £39 8S 5D [2 Enslaved]
AWARDEE Jamaica Manchester 226 £39 8S 5D [2 Enslaved]
AWARDEE Jamaica Manchester 227 £26 12S 2D [1 Enslaved]

Georgiana Roberts

BENEFICIARY Jamaica Manchester 224 (Silver Grove) £1271 5S 11D [68 Enslaved]

Rebecca Roberts

BENEFICIARY Jamaica Manchester 224 (Silver Grove) £1271 5S 11D [68 Enslaved]

Ruth Roberts

AWARDEE Jamaica Manchester 251 £156 0S 11D [7 Enslaved]

William Allen Roberts

BENEFICIARY Jamaica Manchester 224 (Silver Grove) £1271 5S 11D [68 Enslaved]
1818 - ????
A minor at the time of compensation, and a beneficiary of the residual compensation awarded to George Roberts as guardian of William Allen Roberts, Frederick Maitland Roberts (q.v.) and two other Roberts children, for the enslaved people on Silver Grove in Manchester Jamaica.
Baptised St Giles Camberwell 20/12/1818
T71/860 Manchester no. 224., London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906 [database online].

Jamaica St Elizabeth 764 (Mitcham)

Claim Details & Associated Individuals
14th May 1838 | 66 Enslaved | £1222 7S 0D
Claim Notes
Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.
T71/870: adjudged (with Manchester claim no. 224) £792 9s 11d to John Pusey Wint; the residue went to John Salmon etc.. John Salmon claimed as executor of Ann Maitland; John Pusey Wint counterclaimed 'under the will of the late Andrew Wright'. Under Andrew Wright's will, dated 21/01/1806, John Pusey Wint is shown as his 'son-in-law' (in fact he was his stepson). John Pusey Wint was a trustee under the will. Reference to the reputed daughters Ann Wright and Elizabeth Wright, born of the body of Ruth Sinclair: 'if the said A & E Wright go to Jamaica unmarried they should forfeit all benefit under the will'.
Further Information
Contested Yes
Associated Individuals (5)
Andrew Wright Other association
John Pusey Wint Awardee
Edmund Francis Green Awardee
John Salmon the younger Awardee (Executor or executrix)
George Roberts Awardee (Executor or executrix)

Jamaica Manchester 224 (Silver Grove)

Claim Details & Associated Individuals
14th May 1838 | 68 Enslaved | £1271 5S 11D
Claim Notes
Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.
T71/860: claim by Geo. Roberts, as guardian to Edward Maitland, Wm. Allen, Rebecca Roberts and Georgiana Roberts. Counterclaim by John Pusey Wint, under the will of the late Andrew Wright. 'Adjudged (with St Elizabeth claim no. 764) £792 9s 11d to John Pusey Wint and the residue to John Salmon, George Roberts and Edmund Francis Green'.
Further Information
Contested Yes
Associated Individuals (8)
Edward Maitland Roberts Beneficiary
William Allen Roberts Beneficiary
Rebecca Roberts Beneficiary
Georgiana Roberts Beneficiary
John Pusey Wint Awardee
Edmund Francis Green Awardee

John Salmon the younger Awardee (Trustee)
George Roberts Awardee (Guardian)

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