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Issue Date: 20/03/2020.

Our Chadwick family came from Southern Ireland, probably originally Cromwellian planters from Lancashire, who later emigrated to Ontario, Canada in the mid 19th Century, some then moving on West to British Columbia. They married into the Stewarts (of Tyrcallen, Donegal) who were related to the Pakenhams of Langford Lodge, Antrim.

The family was extensively researched by Edward Marion Chadwick, a lawyer from Toronto, who produced the definitive book on the history of the Canadian Chadwicks. His book, referenced below, forms the backbone of the history in the later volumes: I have added the later generations and some detail more recently found in the Record Offices.

The earliest known Chadwick was William Chadwick of Ireland, born about 1636 (ref EMC). His son, Richard, born about 1662, owned Ballinard which became the family home for many decades. The Irish family spread, with many surviving lines.

The Canadian line starts with John Craven Chadwick (the "immigrant") (1811-1889), who emigrated to Canada about 1830. He married 3 times, and had children by his second wife, Louisa Bell (from a London trading family): John Craven (1837-1890), Frederick Jasper (1838-1891), Edward Marion (b 1840) and Austin Cooper (b 1842), all of whom had descendants.

Our line continues from Frederick Jasper, who lived in Guelph and married Elizabeth Stewart (see below). They had 8 known children, Louise (1862-1901), Charlotte (1864 - 1940/50), Jasper (b 1866), Edward (1868-68), Kathleen (b 1870), Frederick Austin Pakenham (1873-1950, John (1875- abt 1950) & Gladys.

Frederick Austin Pakenham Chadwick married as his second wife Creina Henderson and was a priest, first in Ontario and then in Victoria BC. His grand-daughter Alice Kirk-Owen was the wife of Antony Maitland, the compiler of this record.
Chadwicks in detail, working back from the Canadian branch.

Related Chadwick background in given in the Chadwick Appendix

Elizabeth Agnes Chadwick, daughter of FAP & Creina (Henderson) Chadwick, married, 2nd, Rex Kirk-Owen. Their daughter, Alice, married Antony Maitland.

The Bell family, originally of Northern Ireland, became direct ancestors of our Chadwicks by the marriage of Louisa Bell to John Craven Chadwick (b 1811). The main line is shown with the Chadwicks. A separate part contains much general information on this family.

Richard Vernon was Elizabeth Chadwick's 3rd husband.
RS Thomas, the poet, was Elizabeth Chadwick's 4th husband.

Edward Stewart, The father of Elizabeth Stewart (who married Frederick Jasper Chadwick of Guelph) was of the family of Stewarts of Tyrcallen, Co Donegal, who were prominent lawyers in the area. Edward was a priest and spawned several more men of the cloth. Her paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Pakenham, was the sister of Kitty, the wife of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington. We have some correspondence between Edward Stewart and his family covering the time when he emigrated to North America.

Related Stewart background is included in the main Stewart volume.

A considerable amount of information is available about the Pakenham family, some of which is given in a separate part to this volume. The lines go back to the early English aristocratic and royal families.
There is a good collection of papers in the Northern Ireland Record Office, including letters from the Peninsular by Edward Michael Pakenham as ADC to Wellington.

Edward Marion Chadwick wrote an extensive (the definitive?) history of the pre-WW1 Chadwicks. He was a Lawyer of Toronto, descended from John Craven Chadwick. This volume also includes background information on EM Chadwick and his businesses. His 1914 edition is here.

Cooper-Chadwick This family connects with ours: the connection is described in Edward Marion Chadwick's history. There is additional information on their own file.

Topographical Notes contain miscellaneous notes about the towns and areas relevant to this family.

Henderson Family


Creina, daughter of Ernest Henderson, married as his second wife, Frederick Austin Pakenham Chadwick

The Henderson connection with our family descend from Henry Henderson of Belfast, N Ireland, in the latter half of the 18thC. Several of the family were eminent Church men, and others were owners of Newspapers in Northern Ireland. Later generations spread widely around the world.


Our branch are the offspring of Ernest Henderson (son the the Rev Henry Henderson) & Agnes Quinn who lived in Ontario in the late 19thC. Ernest emigrated to Canada in the 1870's and after a time as a railway engineer, became the head of the Windsor Salt Works in Essex Co, Ontario. Nothing is known of Agnes Quinn's family, and little of Ernest's mother, Sarah Russell. The Hendersons and probably the Russells were Presbyterian Irish. The Presbyterian records may reveal more when the opportunity to examine them arises.


Our Hendersons in detail. This includes The history of the remainder of his family


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