Antony Maitland's Picture Gallery

Issue Date: 19/10/2006

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There follows a list of pictures gleaned from various sources: 
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1. Isabel Maitland Isabel Maitland, abt 1981 & 2004. Isabel Maitland
2. Oliver Maitland Oliver Maitland, 2007 & at Wedding. Ollie & Katya Maitland
3. Antony Maitland Antony Maitland, 1955, High Elms & May 2002, Old Salem, N. Carolina. Antony Maitland
4. Alice (Kirk-Owen) Maitland Alice (Kirk-Owen) Maitland: Abt 1965 in Greece? (EAC neg): 1986 (from photograph by Dorothy Collis) Alice (Kirk-Owen) Maitland
5. DS Maitland DS Maitland abt 1937 & two images combined from photographs about 1996 (410kb, colour) DS Maitland
6. RJL Parkes Rosemary (Parkes) Maitland, 1943 (I/D print) & abt 1937 RJL Parkes
7. Rex Kirk-Owen Rex Kirk-Owen (in Army uniform abt 1945) (framed photgraph, 34kB)
8. Betty (Chadwick) Betty (Chadwick) Kirk-Owen - from photo with mother, Creina Chadwick, in 1950's England.
9. Nathaniel Maitland Nathaniel George Maitland, Shanghai & in 1930's England. Nathaniel Maitland 2
10. Eleanor Poole Eleanor (Poole) Maitland 1895 (17th birthday) & 1960 (colour 55kB) Eleanor Poole
11. Arthur Parkes AJ Parkes May 1914 and 1965 AJ Parkes 1965
12. Ethel (Lister) Parkes Ethel (Lister) Parkes abt 1922 (with Rosemary & Bunch) (ajp48-24) & studio picture abt 1940 Ethel Lister
13. Frederick Kirk-Owen Frederick Kirk-Owen with children in 1926 and in 1947 at son's wedding. Frederick K-O
14. Florence Dolman 1 Florence (Dolman) Kirk-Owen as a "teenager" and with EA Chadwick in 1947 Florence Dolman 2
15. FAP Chadwick F.A.P. Chadwick (From "Iron Church" in clerical robes): with Creina FA Chadwick
16. Creina Henderson About 1920 - Creina (Henderson) Chadwick - from photo with EAC in 1950's England. Creina Henderson
17. Francis Maitland 3 Francis Maitland 3, abt 1893, studio & abt 1898, detail taken from group family photograph while on holiday in the Isle of Man Francis Maitland 3a
18. AJ Chapman Ann Jane (Chapman) Maitland, abt 1890, & with D-in-L Eleanor & DSM abt 1920 AJ Chapman
19. Otis Poole Otis Augustus Poole, 2 studio shots abt 1900, (Right hand in San Francisco) Otis A Poole
20. Eleanor (Armstrong) Poole Eleanor Isabella (Armstrong) Poole abt 1900 & with probably g/son Francis Maitland abt 1906 Eleanor (Armstrong) Poole 1
21. William Edmund Parkes William Edmund Parkes - early studio photograph (23 kB) + later photo abt 1915 William Edmund Parkes
22. Elizabeth Fryer& Family Elizabeth (Fryer) Parkes - With Family abt 1900 and studio portrait abt 1910 Elizabeth Fryer
23. Samuel Lister Samuel Lister - taken early 1920's with Mrs & RJLM & Bunch (ajp29a19)
24. Sarah (Palmer) Lister Sarah (Palmer) Lister - taken 1920's (ajp19c16) & Studio photo abt 1890 Sarah (Palmer) Lister
28. Jeannie Brown Jeannie (Brown) Owen, with son Frederick & daughter Jessie, abt 1899.
29. Frederick Jasper Chadwick Frederick Jasper Chadwick, from photo in EM Chadwick's history (1838-91).
30. Elizabeth (Stewart) Chadwick Elizabeth (Stewart) Chadwick (1839-94), from photo in EM Chadwick's history.
31. Ernest Henderson Ernest Henderson, poor print from newspaper cutting.
34. Harriet Carpenter Hariett (Carpenter) Maitland, from Oil owned by James Maitland.
41. Josiah Parkes 2 From Works photo (abt 1890) - Josiah Parkes 2 - ealier studio photograph Josiah Parkes 2
42. Catherine (Cope) Parkes 2 pictures of Catherine (Cope) Parkes, 1900 & 1890. (1822-1903) Catherine Cope
43. William Fryer 2 William Fryer 2. **"I think this is your grandfather Fryer." born abt 1828.
44. Caroline (Stait) Fryer Caroline (Stait) Fryer, born 1829.
49. George JH Brown George JH Brown, at 2nd marriage and aged about 50. GJH Brown
57. Frederick Jasper Chadwick John Craven Chadwick, from photo in EM Chadwick's history (1811-89).
58. Louisa (Bell) Chadwick Louisa (Bell) Chadwick, (died 1845) from photo of silhouette in EM Chadwick's history.
60. Jane Renwick Jeffrey Jane Renwick (Jeffrey) Stewart (1805-78), from pastel with mother, about 1810.
85. William Fryer 1 William Fryer 1: **faintly on back of photo "Mr Fryer snr?" - born abt 1806
86. Margaret Fryer Margaret Fryer, **"I think this is your great grand mother Fryer" - born abt 1806.
97. Elisha Brown Elisha Brown, aged about 50.
12. Jean (Renwick) Jeffrey Elizabeth (McConnell) Jeffrey or Jean (Renwick) Jeffrey, from pastel with daughter, about 1810.
97. Jonathan Bell Jonathan Bell.
12. Maria (Vaux) Bell Maria Ball, Nee Vaux.
122. Catherine (Rowley) Pakenham Catherine (Rowley) Pakenham with daughter, Kitty, later Duchess of Wellington, pastel abt 1778.
231. Edward Vaux Edward Vaux (1740-1803), G-father of Louisa Bell, wife of John Craven Chadwick snr.

Other Relatives:

01. Bunch Parkes Bunch (Parkes) Waddell abt 1944
02. Eleanor Lindley Maitland Lindley Maitland abt 1950 & in garden at Beamish Rd, 2003, with niece Isabel E. Lindley Maitland
03. CA Waddell CA (Waddell) Moore 1943
04. AR Waddell Angela (Waddell) Baldwin abt 1964
05. Freddy Chadwick Bill & Carolyn (Chadwick) Porter with Holly 1951 (84kB - from EA Chadwick's negs)
06. Posy Posy - our dog! 64kB
07. OM Poole Otis M. Poole about 1905 (70kB - from EI Poole album) & with Dorothy 1966 (colour) OM Poole
08. Otis Maitland Otis Maitland with 2nd wife Jean & stepson Aug 1964 (colour 35k)
09. EM Chadwick Major Edward Marion Chadwick abt 1875 (poor focus)
10. Samuel Dice Samuel Dice, father of Berta Dice.
11. Berta (Dice) Chadwick Berta (Dice) Chadwick, FAP Chadwick's 1st wife about 1895 (died 1902).
12. Freddy Chadwick Freddy & Gertrude (Nugent) Chadwick abt 1970, son of Berta Dice.
13. Andrew Wright Maitland, MD Andrew Wright Maitland, MD (1809-56).
14. JA Maitland John Andrew Maitland (1863-1946).
129. Captain Hon Frederick Lewis Maitland, RN Captain The Hon. Frederick Lewis Maitland, RN abt 1760.
** captions in original album by Elizabeth (Fryer) Parkes. Commander 840 Turbo Commander 840 as flown by AM 1990-2004. Property: 1. Giddy Hall - Air Photo detail from 1952 mapping survey. 2. Giddy Hall Front - Giddy Hall, front elevation 1899. 3. Giddy Hall Rear - Giddy Hall, rear elevation 1899. 4. Henderson House in Windsor (detail from a Web site) 5. Mitcham - Air Photo detail from 1952 mapping survey. 6. Mount Charles - composite photograph taken 1997 by A Maitland 7. No 5 Route Ghisi in the French Settlement of Shanghai ("Cravenhurst" 9/1910-1914), 8. Silver Grove Silver Grove, home of the Roberts. 9. Shaw's Brow 1, Liverpool, home of Henry Owen, print abt 1845. 10. Shaw's Brow 2, Liverpool, home of Henry Owen, print abt 1845. 11. Cherry Valley House, Ireland, home of Capt John Armstrong abt 1810. 12. Ashton Great House, 1832, Copy of an original drawing by Miss Storer. Private Collection. 13. Ashton Great House, 1964, Copy of an original photograph by the late T.A.L. Concannon. Concannon Collection. National Library of Jamaica.

14. The Gables Our house until 2003, "The Gables", east elevation, 1978.
15. Gables Rear, west elevation, 2002.
16. Dolwilkin Front Our New House, Lower Dolwilkin Farm, from the front.
17. Dolwilkin Back Lower Dolwilkin Farm from the back.