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Issue Date: 23/3/2020

This is the family of my paternal grand-mother, Eleanor Isabella Poole, born Chicago 16/12/1878, died 1967, married Nathaniel George Maitland.

Eleanor Poole was the daughter of Otis Augustus & Eleanor Isabella (Armstrong) Poole, Otis from Beloit, Ill and Eleanor born in Ireland.

Her Poole line extends back to Pierce Poole, born about 1700-9, died Long Island, 1775. His antecedents were not established by Bert Poole (see below), although he produced some speculation. I have written a summary of the Poole family, which contains all the post 1960 information about the family, and abbreviated data on the earlier ancestors: Pool Summary.

His sons and grandsons married into several of the well known New England families of Hicks, Weeks, Rushmores etc, whose genealogy is known much further back than the Pooles. There were several Poole families in the area, but the links have not been established.

I have written similar summaries of the other 2 main ancestor lines of my grandmother, the Irish Armstrongs, and the New England Manchester family. The Irish family file contains additional information subsequently discovered.

The early information I have on the Poole family of Chicago and New England comes from a family history written between 1900 and about 1960 by my great uncle, Herbert Armstrong Poole (HAP), born in Chicago 15 October 1877 and died in Florida in 1965.  He spent much of his working life in the China and Japan in the first half of the 20th Century, and his own biographical section contains an insight into ex-patriot life in the Far East in the 1900's.  He began recording and researching his family history in about 1900; he has stories told him by then old relations about the family in the 1850's and has some entertaining descriptions of his travels to visit other family branches, mainly Armstrongs and Littles, in Scotland and Ireland. As is probably common with these histories, much emphasis is placed on showing early American settler connections.

There is a huge amount of information about the early New England families, much gathered from published sources of the day. My version of the Poole database has about 10000 names on it (a labour of love to type it all in!). HAP's original typewritten text exists as photocopies of sometimes rather poor carbon duplicates and was scanned into a computer and converted to text: much correction was required and so readers may find some rather curious mistakes which have not been noticed. 

HAP has numbered his subjects with himself as 1, his father as 2 and his mother as 3; the next generations older are 4, 5, 6 & 7. In general, all offspring and non-direct line further descendants are shown under each direct ancestor. With the exception of his mother, Eleanor Isabella Armstrong, HAP has files only for each male ancestor (even "subject" numbers): information about the females is partly to be found with their spouses and partly with their parents.

Some of the Poole files have extracts from the LDS and other modern databases attached to confirm their details.  All the direct line ancestors are listed on:

the Poole List

This file contains links to the relevant subject files.

Herbert Poole's younger brother, Chester (Otis Manchester Poole) wrote a history of his life and that of his wife and children. This gives a fascinating glimpse of the Far East at the turn of the century, with Chester's humour and keen eye showing through.  It is on Chester Poole history.

Chester Poole's wife, Dorothy May Campbell also wrote her history: she was brought up in Canada, England and Japan during an interesting period. Her grandfather, Rice, was involved in the opening up of Japan in the mid 19thC.

Also included are references to:
The Campbells of Quebec,
The Prior Family,
The Pryce Browne's of mid Wales,
The Fulfords of Devon,
The Hollands of Montreal,
The Reaves & Christies of Toronto.
See Dorothy Poole history.

For Chester & Dorothy's Children, see:
Jillian Hanbury's Family - Dick Poole’s wife
David Manchester Poole – Chester’s 3rd son

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