Antony Maitland's Trees

Issue Date: 22/3/2019


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    There are a number of GIF, Gedcom and Family Tree Maker files of all known individuals, including a large Scottish Aristocracy file.



A complete family tree, drawn in EasyCad is available.
When viewed in its original format (.FC7) using the EasyCad viewer, this is the clearest way of seeing the whole family in one tree.
A DXF file is also included, but the text spacing is not quite correct in this format.

Complete Family Tree in .FC7

Complete Family Tree in .DXF – your browser may bring this up as a text file – if so, right click and “save link as”.

EasyCad Viewer This is an .EXE file (6.5Mb) and will need loading. I am permitted to allow a download with each copy of my .FC7 file.

If you prefer a guaranteed uncontaminated version, you can get it from the original source:
as a free download, but will require registration.

These files are also drawn on CAD, exported to Corel Draw and converted to GIF files. They should show line drawn trees: they contain many more individuals on a sheet than seem possible with conventional genealogical database programmes. These prints only contain our direct ancestor lines, not side branches of descendants: it became too complicated to fit them all in!

Maitland Tree (102kB) - shows the Maitland line as far as is known, other female lines back to Scottish Royal families, Chapmans of Newcastle and Jamaican ancestors.

Jamaican Family Tree: The descendants of Francis Maitland (1784-1824).

Poole Tree (27kB) - shows New England families, Poole (early 20thC to mid 17thC), Carmans, Rushmores, Haukshursts and other prominent families.

Manchester Tree (37kB) - shows the New England family of Manchester (mid 19thC to early 17thC), Armstrongs of Ireland (end 19thC to mid 18thC), Ingalls/Ingolls of New England (mid 19thC to early 18thC) and other direct lines.

Parkes Tree (25kB) - shows Parkes of the Midlands to mid 18thC and others to mid 17thC, and Listers to mid 17thC.

Owen & Dolman Tree (25kB) - shows the Owens of Liverpool, Dolmans of the Midlands (to mid 17thC) and Tates of Sussex (to early 18thC).

Chadwick & Pakenham Tree (57kb) - shows our Chadwick and Pakenham ancestors, some lines back to Norman families.



Condensed from Family Tree Maker, version 11 either as "FTW" or Gedcom files.

Antony Maitland Family - Family tree maker version (2.2MB zipped, 13MB unzipped): this file seems to have acquired a lot of (unused) text files, hence the size. If required, this can be emailed, but try to use the Gedcom version.


Antony Maitland Family - GED (307kB zipped, 2.3Mb unzipped)

15240 individuals, 22/03/2019

Includes all my and my wife's family, except the Pooles.


Poole Family - FTW (829kB zipped, 6MB unzipped) If required, this can be emailed, but try to use the Gedcom version.

Poole Family - GED (263kB zipped, 1.6Mb unzipped)

9508 individuals, 22/03/2019.

All the Poole family and its known branches.


Clan Maitland Pedigree - FTW (125kB zipped, 1MB unzipped),

Clan Maitland Pedigree - GED (48kb zipped, 254kb unzipped)

813 individuals + text notes, 26/4/99)

The clan Maitland Pedigree, courtesy of the Clan organisation.


Clan Maitland

     For general information about the Clan Maitland and other links, go to their website.


There is a complete list of our ancestors on the following links. Only direct ancestors are listed, but within the files, each ancestor has a section under which is shown a descendancy as far as has been found. The lists give name, generation and serial number, date and place of birth and links to relevant text pages.


Maitland Ancestor List

(Kirk)-Owen & Chadwick Direct Ancestors

Poole Ancestor List (mostly US)

Complete Ancestor List


The links on the lists take the reader directly to the file containing the details of the individual concerned. As the site is split up into a number of relatively small files, it is not easy to search for non-direct line names. They can, however be found by downloading a Gedcom file if the reader has suitable software.


24/3/2002: Clan Maitland address, Jamaica Maitland Tree

21/3/2004: edited
18/1/2013: include EasyCad files
Maitland Gedcom file updated.
Poole Gedcom file updated
AAAM-ALL CAD file updated
Added List section.